Imaging Source

About The Imaging Source…

The Imaging Source has been developing image processing components that have been exclusively used by developers and engineers in industry, medicine and science for nearly two decades. Imaging Source FireWire CCD cameras are universally known in all technological regions of the world, and both their Firewire and USB cameras have become popular with amateur astronomers entering into the field of astrophotography.  Imaging Source cameras have won several awards since they entered the astronomy market,  from respected magazines and periodicals like Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Now, and BBC Sky at Night.

Booth Highlights…

John Berryman will represent The Imaging Source at SCAE 2013, and as usual, he will be donating a dizzying number of his cameras for our various giveaways and raffles for…thanks, John!

SCAE Donation…

With a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels, the Imaging Source CCD DFK41AF02.AS Camera, valued at $570, is ideally suited for rich captures, full of intricate details. In spite of the high resolution, the CCD camera can capture images with up to 15 frames per second. Using the shipped software – IC Capture.AS – you can capture lossless and uncompressed images sequences as AVI files.

The Imaging Source IS-1CU USB CCD Camera, or DFK 21AU04S (2x),valued at $700, is a color CCD camera with a USB 2.0 connection and 60 frames per second capability.The IS-1CU employs the Sony ICX098BQ progressive scan CCD with a 640 x 480 pixel array. The Imaging Source IS-1CU USB CCD Camera is equipped with an IR cut filter that blocks wavelengths above 700nm. Thus, its properties are similar to those of the human eye.

Imaging Source’s DMK 31AF03.AS CCD Camera, valued at $630, combines a high resolution, fast refresh rate and a low price. It is ideally suited to amateur astronomers wishing to deploy a mega pixel camera. Using the shipped software – IC Capture – you can save the captured images to lossless and uncompressed AVI files.

The Imaging Source IS-2M Firewire CCD Camera, or DMK 31AF03.AS, valued at $630, is a monochrome CCD camera which utilizes a Firewire connection, high resolution, and a fast refresh rate.

At 60 frames per second (fps), the color CCD camera DFK 21AF04.AS, valued at $350,  manufactured by The Imaging Source, is ideally suited for color astrophotography, where very fast image sequences are captured. Using the included software – IC Capture.AS – you can capture lossless and uncompressed image sequences as AVI files.